Measuring – quick, variable, functional and reliable

Basics for planning and supervising a successful training are accurate knowledge of level and kind of motoric skills or motoric disorders of the patient.

The measuring function of mtd-Physiofeedbacksystems provides quick and reliable objective data of the current state of different skills e.g., balance, load capacity, force, coordination and speed. Besides of these motoric skills also body perception, cognition, reaction, anticipation, concentration, visual and audible perception can be tested.

The preinstalled measurement modes are explained to the therapist and patient before the measurement starts. The description is visualized grapphically and with step-by step instructions. The broad range of measurement applications ranges from measuring individual joint functions to complex ADL functions:

  • for neurological indications such as apoplexy, multiple sclerosis, M. parkinson, infantile cerebral paresis, peripheral paralysis
  • for orthopedic indications such as after fractures, prosthesis, endoprosthesis and ruptures of a ligament