Our clients

More then 800 mtd-Physiofeedback-Systems are in use in Germany and many more abroad. Feedback of convinced patients, therapists and owners of rehabilitation clinics or similar facilities in Germany:

  • „In the dynamic balance therapy, the patients achieve more endurance in a playfully and subtly way. and as a consequence they will be faster fit.“
    St. Marien Hospital Hamm
  • “mtd-balance is an objective, reliable and valid measurement instrument for measurement assessment and therefore a future oriented device for diagnosis and motoric rehabilitation”.
    Dr. Albert Robold, General Practitioner, Lecturer, Author
  • “mtd-balance and mtd-feedbackball are daily in use in our physiotherapy practice.”
    Roland Mehrlich, Physiotherapeut
  • “If we did not have the option to train with the mtd-balance, a substantial part of our comprehensive concept of impulse processing training would be missing. Definitely.”
    Ergotherapie Theisinger, Dresden
  • „The physiofeedback-system process extends the options in therapy tremendously …“
    Graduate Physiotherapist Thomas Schart
  • „The easy to understand and exciting training games are a hughe motivation for the patients”
    Ergotherapie Nix
  • „With the mtd-balance, the fine tuned balancing ability can be improved. Experiences show that after 14 days therapy very good progress is achieved in fine motor skills and in balance“
    Dreifaltigkeits-Hospital, Lippstadt
  • „With this tool we are able to measure, train and document every kind of irregularity in movement disorders. Minimum of differences and loss of strength is measurable, trainable and documentable.“
    Rehaktiv Aindling
  • „Diagnosis per computer is very reliable. A doctor used to rely on his own experience and his visual judgement.“
    Hülser Cäcilien-Hospital
  • „Seniors master modern technic easily.“
    KWA Georg-Brauchle-Haus
  • „… while therapy does not consist of repeating monotonous preset movements. Therapy becomes a challenge with the help of „games“ …“
    District Hospital Marktheidenfeld
  • „Ensures motivation for a long time.“
    Health Magazine „kerngesund“
  • “Objective assessment by accurate measurements, optimal training according to the latest scientific knowledge and reliable documentation of the measurement and training data are important requirements for successful motor rehabilitation. In the Physiofeedback-Systems of mtd-systems, these requirements have been convincingly implemented.
    Prof. Dr. Walter Kühnegger