Training – optimal feedback, comprehensible, exactly adjustable

The previous measurement gives accurate information about what skills have to improve in the training process. Motor learning can be successful only, if tasks are solved by the patients independent action, not by performing or training isolated exercises or movements.

For this reason it is important to give an optimum of assistance (Facilitation) for the patient to be able to solve the tasks easily. mtd-Physiofeedbacksystems meet all of these requirements with it’s individually progammed software offering a variety of different tasks. The patient can monitor directly and without any delay the impact of his movement (visual and audible realtime feedback).

The selection of different programs allows the therapist to offer training of motoric skills such as balance, strength, co-ordination, cognitive skills, reaction, anticipation etc. The patient can start the training independently with chip card. The progress of the training is guided by the computer and automatically documented.

Function principle:
The patient tries to solve the tasks displayed by the graphics on the screen using purposeful movements. The Physiofeedback software receives data about the movements of the patient from the sensors in the active surface and continually displays the result via the screen graphics as real-time feedback.