mtd-feedbackball – the allrounder

With a special force sensor the lower and upper extremities can be measured and trained in single functions (hand force, knee extension, arm flexion, …) as well as in complex movement sequences (lifting suitcases, rowing, …).

The training with the mtd-feedbackball is guided by the physiofeedback software. The software continuously informs by optical and acoustical feedback if the exercise is performed correctly. This double feedback guarantees the highest possible training success.

Manual weight input can be used to adjust the difficulty levels to the patient’s training condition. This allows the training to be adjusted in such a way that every patient can train successfully.


mtd-feedbackball workstation
  • Force sensor
  • Measurement range 2000N
  • Controller incl. Software licence
  • Loop set
  • Physiofeedback NX Software
  • mtd-mobile rack
  • Wall holder for mtd-feedbackball
  • Laptop